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Information Guide
Do you provide guide service?
1. Visitors scan QR Code to listen to an audio guide based on personal preferences. (As our concern, smart phone with QR Code app is required.)

2. We provide guide service every Mon., Wed. to Fri., please contact with the information desk.

3. We provide a 30 minutes scheduled guide service about the second area (the model world) at 13:00 and 15:00 every Sat. to Sun. (With our concern, please assemble at the second exhibition area, the model world, 5 minutes earlier before we start.)
Is an advance reservation of guide service available?
Group guiding reservation is available, members between 5 and 25 people, 30 minutes per time.

※We are sorry that we don't provide group reservation on weekends due to visiting crowds.
How should I make a reservation?
Please make a reservation a week in advance.

1. You may email us: hamasen.khm@gmail.com
2. You may call us: +886-7-5218900 (during 10:00 to 18:00)
Can I take photos in the Museum?
While photography is allowed in the Museum, a photoflash, selfie stick, tripod, or any device that may interfere other visitors, is not allowed. For those who do not comply with rules, the Museum may keep the device in temporary custody.